Transition Larkhall acts as a unifying forum to discuss and action traffic and transport issues in and around the Larkhall area. To reduce carbon fuels and air polluting emissions, we particularly advocate public transport non-motorised travel: walking and cycling. Our aims are:

  • to work towards establishing an environmentally sustainable traffic and transport solution for Larkhall
  • to bring together a diverse range of individuals and groups to discuss all aspects of traffic and transport
  • to co-ordinate research in order to improve understanding of traffic and transport issues.
  • on behalf of the community, to advocate improvements in traffic and transport policy and infrastructure to local authorities.

Current and Recent traffic and transport issues:

Upgrade of the canal towpath and approaches: we have sought member’s views on access to the Grosvenor Bridge Road.

Consultation for the location of cycle parking: local. Views were fed back to B&NES Council.

Proposals for a new, cycle-friendly crossing of London Road: a specific B&NES Council scheme for a crossing at Beaufort Place has received substantial comment and a local meeting with B&NES’s cycling officer on this proposal will take place at 5.30 pm on 1st March upstairs in New Oriel Hall.

Cycling on the London Road: regrettably, the hard-won restoration, in 2014, of the off-road cycle path, approaching the Cleveland Place junction, has again come into jeopardy as a result of new policies by the incoming Conservative council administration. The new proposals could mean more parking at on the path at Walcot Terrace. In conjunction with Bath cycling groups, Transition Larkhall has protested at these changes, which we believe would deter some cyclists and risk collisions between cyclists and pedestrians. Negotiations between B&NES Cycle Forum representatives and the Member for Transport to minimise these consequences are continuing. Thanks to all those members and supporters who have sent in objections to the plans.

Campaign for a safe walking and cycling path from Larkhall Square across the Lambrook to Alice Park: This was proposed as an addition to the current re-development of the defunct Harvester site between Gloucester Rd and the London Rd. At the moment the proposal has been knocked back by the developers’ refusal to support the plan. However TL representatives are continuing to press B&NES officers to reconsider their initial acquiescence in the developers’ decision.

Parliament recently created a Minister for Cycling and the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) and its new Policy Director, Jason Torrance says:

‘This is a historic and bold step forward by Government that for the first time gives a commitment to a long-term investment strategy for cycling and walking that will extend travel choice, help ease congestion and improve our health and our environment. We look forward to this commitment being matched by a level of investment that will transform streets and communities for people to walk and cycle.’

‘With physical inactivity, pollution and congestion increasing across the UK, investing in cycling and walking is an economic silver bullet and government must act across all departments to secure significant investment.’

In support of these comments in mind Transition Larkhall will continue to advocate local community needs and challenge local and national government to realise this vision with serious and suitable investment in walking and cycling infrastructure.

If you would like any further information or have any views do contact Transition Larkhall.

Of the strangers against whom we rage and shake
One may be the good friend we will some day make

Bryn Jones: Chair


Notes of meeting with Alison Sherwen B&NES Cycling Officer 1st March 2016 Cycle Crossing and Path Larkhall London Road

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