Poem by Beatrice Cheek on Plastic

Transition Larkhall is concern locally and globally about the amount of plastic used and discarded in the environment. We want to encourage everyone to cut down on plastic use and make sure that the plastic we do use is safely placed in recycling centers and reused.

To date Transition Larkhall have shown the film “A Plastic Ocean” and are suggesting the the community can produce Eco Bricks as a solution to stop plastic from floating in the rivers, oceans, seas and lakes. For information on other groups that are working to stop the tide of plastic please see below.

Watch the film on Eco bricks made by Transition Larkhall here or for more details about A Plastic Ocean go its  facebook page.

Terracycle is a world wide not for profit company which runs various free programmes for people to collect specific things for recyling and take them to a collection point – which can be through an individual or an organisation.  

They are a contact point for other organisations involved in recycling, and can be useful to find the best place to dispose of something specific e.g. contact lenses, toothbrushes, water filter refills, beauty products.  They also team up with manufacturers of new products from the plastic waste that has been collected.  

Explore their website –  however you do have to sign up (free) to find out where the nearest collection point is for a particular item or to initiate a collection point yourself.

Guppy Friend is a washing bag which collects microfibres in your washing machine, these are released by washing synthetic clothing.  The minute plastic fibres released from washing synthetic clothing make their way into the waste water system,  into rivers and oceans where they cause enormous ecological harm.  The Guppyfriend self-cleaning fabric bag filters out these microfibres in your machine

Ecobricks are a simple way of re-using your soft plastic waste by making building blocks.  You collect your crumpled plastic bags / soft packets etc,  and push them into a large plastic bottle – use a chopstick to push down.  One use for ecobricks is to create raised flower beds,  you can think of others!