Walking from Larkhall to Alice Park is a potentially hazardous exercise particularly for families and unaccompanied children. The direct route along Lambridge Street involves dangerous traffic and lack of adequate pavement.
The journey could be simpler, more pleasant and less dangerous if it could follow the existing footpath from Larkhall Square between Larkhall Farm Shop and Cloud 9 and then along the side of the brook.
A bridge across the brook would then link walkers to a new footpath emerging onto the Gloucester Rd opposite Alice Park.
” For many years, residents have been calling for the restitution of the safe walkway between Alice Park and Larkhall, involving the building of a bridge near where one existed in the past. This would be an amenity for the whole area, creating easy access for nearby residents to the shops as well as a path away from busy traffic for children going to and from the park. ”    Cllr Lin Patterson: Lambridge Ward
A local child going from Alice Park along the London Road, obstructed by a very large puddle.
Let us know your view on this proposal, fill in a Questionnaire. Questionnaires to be found at the Larkhall Farm Shop, Larkhall Sq.