On Thursday 21st September 2017 Dr Ian Walker and Joanna Wright spoke to a packed audience about the research Transition Larkhall has conducted in the last 18 months, in conjunction with the University of Bath and the South West Foundation on the question “How do parents take their children to school and why do they choose to travel that way”.  If you would like information about this research please see attached report for full details.


Above image of 1000 toy cars illustrating the number of vehicles that travel down Deadmill Lane between 7am and 10am on a school morning when all schools state and private are at school.

To see a short film made by Shannen Twomey from Bath Spa Uni see https://youtu.be/y188NzxCaSc


Community Matters Programme was developed by the University of Bath’s Public Engagement Unit in conjunction with the South West Foundation, a charity experienced in facilitating and supporting research in local communities. The Community Matters Programme asked local organisations to put forward ideas for research projects to address local issues. The five selected organisations were then matched with researchers from the University of Bath, working alongside them to design and deliver the research. The Programme is an innovative way of working that combines the University’s research expertise with the organisations’ grassroots knowledge and experience.

Transition Larkhall, dedicated to combatting climate change and the crisis of resource depletion through ethical, social, cultural, economic, environmental and community action is one of the five selected local organistations and has been paired with Dr Ian Walker FHEA | Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, who specialises in Psychology with an emphasis on transport use.

This project is a year-long study investigating amongst other things how parents take their children to school and why they choose to travel that way. Joanna Wright at Transition Larkhall is Study Co-ordinator, and has been awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of Bath for this study. Other Transition Larkhall community members, including Ros Hough, Emma Hooper, Miranda Bonham-Carter, Kathy Cooke and Bryn Jones are also working on this project and undertaking necessary data collection and research on the impact of the school run in Larkhall.

To date “ethnographic conversations” have been undertaken within the community to see whether individuals think that transport is an issue on the east of Bath and how the individuals travel and what their perception of young people travelling is.

Alongside this data collection of traffic moving in and around Larkhall has been and is to be undertaken further.

Data so far provisionally gathered over four consecutive Mondays throughout October and November 2016 has shown that there is a considerable amount of traffic travelling down Deadmill Lane, Bath (BA1 8DE) between 7am and 10am on a school Monday when all schools (state and private) are at school. This number is drastically reduced when all schools (state and private) are on holiday. Further the amount of traffic does increase when only state schools return and private schools are on holiday, thus showing that the number of children travelling into Bath to private schools considerably increases traffic into Larkhall during term time between the hours of 7am and 10am. To ensure this data is accurate Transition Larkhall will be gathering further information during the month of February 2017.

The views expressed are those of the Transition Larkhall  researchers and are not the views of the University of Bath or the South West Foundation.

Date and Time


Gloucester Road (Down) towards London Rd Gloucester road (up) towards A46 Dead Mill Lane (Down) Into Larkhall Deadmill Lane (Up) towards A46
17.10.2016 All schools at school 288 118 1130 33
24.10.2016 All Schools half-term 124 87 340 36
31.10.2016 Private schools, Beechen Cliff and Hayesfield half -term 197 123 606 25
7.11.2016 All schools at school 250 135 978 31

The South West Foundation has information on this study, which can be seen at http://www.the-foundation.org.uk/training/

If you have any questions or are willing to volunteer please contact:

Joanna Wright – Study Co-ordinator, Transition Larkhall

For full details of Transition Larkhall’s recommendations to the West of England’s Consultation click here .