B&NES have been consulting on their proposal for Liveable Neighbourhoods in Bath.
You will find a summary of the council’s plans in their consultation document here:
These two sentences from the document are particularly relevant:
“The aim is to reduce the dominance of vehicles in residential areas –
particularly through-traffic – while maintaining vehicle access to
homes and businesses. This can be done through a range of measures
including vehicle restrictions, traffic calming, one-way streets and
residents’ parking zones”
Residents are able to request the council to consider their community
area for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Some additional information
about this process from the document is here:

Camden Residents Association intend to propose a bus gate in Camden
Road. They are preparing a submission to the council for this and have
invited us – at Transition Larkhall – to work with them to plan for a better environment for both Camden and Larkhall.
Would any of you, who are residents of NE Bath, be interested in
joining a small group to investigate the possibility of submitting a
proposal under this scheme? Unfortunately, we are not able to have a
public meeting to discuss this. However, we will be having further discussions with Camden Residents’ Association. 
We will keep you all informed on the progress of these meetings and in the
meantime please do contact us at any time at Transition Larkhall <transitionlarkhall@gmail.com>