Last night B&NES Council passed the Climate Emergency Motion. At the meeting Cllr Lin Patterson handed in the petition that over 1350 members of the public had signed. Cllr Rob Appleyard proposed the motion with co-sponsor Cllr Mark Shelford. The decision was taken with overwhelming cross-party support.
Two amendments to the motion were tabled by Cllr Lin Patterson and Cllr Joe Rayment. These were both passed. The Labour amendment means that B&NES Council will not support expansion of Bristol Airport.

Councillor Appleyard, who proposed the Climate Emergency motion, commented:
“The vote sets us on a clear path of carbon reduction. Not only will we set our own house in order, but we will inspire others to act and create the conditions for them to do so. Tonight’s decision gives the next Council administration a great jumping off point to make the changes that are essential.”