Alice Park was presented in 1938 for the use of children and the general public by the late H.M. MacVicar in the memory of his wife Alice MacVicar.

Alice Park Community Garden

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P1140126A Skate Park on the East of Bath

In 2012 Joanna Wright began a campaign to create a skate park on the East of Bath. The East of Bath has approximately 10,000 young people and very few play provisions for them.
To generate support a paper petition was created and handed in to a full B&NES Council Meeting in 2013. Together with Emmanuel Campion-Dye, Beinn Wright and Joanna Wright, reasons were givenfor a skate park . The Council, then led by the Liberal Democrats, put aside £100,000 towards building a skate park in Alice Park.
A B&NES consultation in November of 2014 asked local residents their views on the proposed skate facility. Council Officers were very impressed with the level of response to the consultation and 2 to 1 were in favour of a skate park.
To date the skate park has not been built because B&NES Council had failed to set up a formal Trust for Alice Park when the land was given to the young people of Bath in 1937. At a recent Council Meeting a majority Conservative Council approved the measure to set up a Charitable Trust to administer Alice Park.   Tim Warren, Leader of B&NES Council agreed to meet people from the local community and explain how this Trust will operate.

New governance arrangements for Alice Park

A  meeting on the new governance for Alice Park, organised by “Transition Larkhall”, took place on 8th June 2016 .  All members of the public were welcome and questions from the floor were be taken.  This meeting was attended by Cllr, Tim Warren, Leader of B&NES  and Cllr Martin Veal, Cllr Rob Appleyard and Cllr Lin Patterson.

Minutes of Transition Larkhall Meeting 8th June 2016
Alice Park was gifted to the community for the primary benefit of young people.

Friends of Alice Park

Cllr Lin Patterson, Lambridge Ward states:
“Clarity is emerging about how Alice Park will be run under a new structure.  It is not an arrangement designed to please everybody. There is much public feeling about Alice Park by users and nearby residents, as we saw at the lively June 8th public meeting.  So in order to involve people who care about the Park, a public meeting to form a grass-roots Friends of Alice Park group is being held in New Oriel Hall on Wednesday 13th July at 7:30pm.  Don’t worry if you can’t make it on that night because there are sure to be follow-up meetings when anyone with an interest is welcome.
Since the Council remains the ultimate Trustee of the Park, they set up a Trust Board to have overall responsibility for decisions.  The Board then appoints three of their number onto a specific Alice Park Committee.  Only these three have with voting rights, including Rob Appleyard, the other councillor for Lambridge ward.  I will be on the committee, but in a non-voting capacity, and there will be two independent people deemed as bringing necessary skills to the committee, also non-voting.  Other members may be asked to join, although they too will not have voting rights. The skateboard facility will undergo another public consultation. For this to work, we need a Friends group.”

Please feel welcome to attend the meeting on 13th July 7.30pm at the Oriel Hall to form a grass-roots Friends of Alice Park group.


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