The Transition Larkhall  Committee arranges meetings which are usually held in the New Oriel Hall, Larkhall.

The meetings are advertised by a poster on the Noticeboard in Larkhall Square, and via email to the Transition Larkhall  mail list. If you would like to be a member please send an email via the form below.

Committee members are elected (or may be re-elected) each year at the AGM.

Current Committee members

Chair:  Provisionally Paul Raithby

Treasurer:   Mike Kelleher

Secretary: Theresa Waterhouse

Committee Members:  Kristina Mowat, Jane Shaw,

Web Editor: Joanna Wright

For 2014 Accounts and 2015 AGM Minutes

For 2016 AGM Minutes and 2016 Accounts Treasurers

Treasurers Report for 2016

F0r 2017 AGM Minutes,

Chairs 2017 AGM Report

For 2017 Accounts and 2018 AGM Minutes

For 2018 Accounts,  Alice Park Community Gardens 2018 Accounts and 2019 AGM Minutes, Alice Park Community Gardens 2018 Report

If you would like to know more about the Committee or have any comments or queries please contact us.

Policy Documents for Volunteering, Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety