Transition Larkhall is open to anyone living or working in the area of Lambridge ward.

There is no membership fee, but donations are welcome and Transition Larkhall relies on these to cover expenses of its activities.

A list of attendees is taken annually at the AGM and this forms the basis of our membership.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in the month of January or February.  For full information see our constitution.

You can choose to be kept informed of activities by email through the Transition Larkhall mail list, without committing to becoming a member.

You can be involved in many ways:

  • attending meetings and giving your views
  • volunteering for an existing project
  • taking a committee role
  • initiating your own ideas and bringing to a meeting
  • make a financial contribution
  • contact us now to become a member or keep updated on events and blog posts